What paraffin should I use to make candles?

The most indicated paraffin for the manufacture of candles is the macro crystalline with a melting point around 61ºC. Solven markets the product under the trade name of Paraffin 140/145ºF.

What solvent is recommended for paint thinning?

Solven recommends the Multipurpose Solvent for thinning synthetic enamel and cleaning in general.

What is Paraffin Emulsion?

It is a wax emulsion, resistant to both acidic and alkaline medium, with a special formulation. It has excellent performance in water-based paint systems, as a water repellent and slip agent.

Solven manufactures paraffin emulsions at its units in Bahia and São Paulo, with a high degree of quality and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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